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这也是关于掌握媒体和文化的诗学. We seek to produce introspective and informed young women who can express their views effectively. 同时打下坚实的阅读和写作基础, our courses expose students to a broad range of works in traditional print literature. Students are also trained in critical 分析 from the perspective of psychology, 哲学, history – any discipline that uses 解释ive texts.

文学成分借鉴了古典文学和新世界文学, especially works by and about minorities. We also capitalize on our all-girl status by choosing many books by and about women. 通过讨论积极参与是一个重点. 各种各样的写作作业确保每个学生都拥有大学和以后生活所需的技能. 虽然作业强调说明性写作和清晰, 信息分析, 非正式写作作业包括在我们的核心课程中, sophomore 诗歌 workshop, and the senior electives. Our four-year study of vocabulary serves students on SATs while enhancing their broader verbal ability. We offer special instruction to Honors students, 对他们来说,学习的欲望超过了课程要求, 以及为大学先修课程做密集准备.

学生们在图书馆听诗人威尔金森的演讲作家俱乐部出版一本关于学生作品的文学杂志, 每年春天, 除了我们的常驻诗人主持的工作坊 珍妮特·麦克纳利, Elizabeth McNulty Wilkinson '25 基金使我们能够邀请一位全国公认的诗人与大二班一起工作并向学校展示.

Departmental requirements: 4 years

英语 Department Head:

Course Descriptions

Includes electives, though not all elective courses are offered each year or trimester. Students may also enroll in additional electives and AP's offered through 十大彩票平台's membership in the Online School for Girls.

11th and 12th Grade Trimester Electives